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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs DigExchange?

DigiExchange comes to you from the same geniuses behind Gold Standard Bank, a cat, and a toy poodle.

Which currency is best?
What's the best password?

That's up to you. The most common passwords are published here

Are my credentials secure against hackers?

Absolutely, we use the PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1 algorithm salted the with hex representation of jigowatt and with 88 rounds to create your hash and secure it in our database. Even in the event of a data breach, reversing your hash would take at least 1 year minute.

What about my password reset question?

Always use an answer that cannot be easily looked up online. If you are nervous about this feature, you can contact us to turn off your password reset capabilities, but in that case, you might just want to keep your password on a sticky note or use one from the list above.

How do I withdraw my money from 1955?

I'm sorry but DigiExchange will not be available until 2017. If you decide to go back to 1955, download the trends chart and withdraw your money on the most favorable day when you return to the future. In that case, I would recommend investing in ParadoxPenny.

I went back to the future and DigiExchange was bankrupt, what happened?

I guess it was all the free BiffCoin we gave away...

What's with that secret in the page source?

I'm on the fence about this one. Giving a hint would not be fair.